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As Engineering Consultant for Several Enterprises


For now I am glad to make announcement that I am as Engineering Consultant for some enterprises in China, to provide construction management consultant, plant maintenance, and other related services. As long-term consultant, I will continuously to support and give proper advices for their construcion project in China region.

These enterprises are:

1- BDAE consultant
BDAE is construction management & consultant company in China, could provide the whole package service for construction projects in China. BDAE already developed business around the Shanghai city and Liaoning province. As time passing by, BDAE will continuously enlarge their business in this field. Comparing with other Chinese company in this field, BDAE presenting more active, more effective and more flexible. In the foreseeable future, BDAE will approach more achievement in the field of construction management & consultant.


This is construcion company is from Japan, developing their business nearly 20 years in China. As one of top construction companies in Japan, FUJITA provide big amount construction services for Japanese companies in China region. In Japan, FUJITA developed execellent construction technics and brought it to all over the world. Myself as consultant for FUJITA North China company, will support FUJITA company to build solid connections with local market and provide higher qualified construction services to more foreign and indigenous companies.


NEUGART is German company, and is one of the most famous companies in the field of reduction gears. Their primary product -  planetary gears, is widely to be used in different fields of industry. NEUGART has many brach offices all over the world, and China is one of the most important manufacturing bases. If you want qualified reduction gears in you factory, NEUGART is one of the necessary options you have to consider.
NEUGART是德国公司,是减速机领域最著名的公司之一。他们的主要产品 - 行星齿轮减速机,被广泛地应用于不同的工业领域。NEUGART在世界各地都有很多办事处,而中国是最重要的生产基地之一。如果你的工厂需要合格的减速器,NEUGART是你必须要考虑的选项之一。


In 2015, NEUGART decided to built up new plant in Shenyang city in China, fortunately I was inivited as consultant for this construction project management. After delicated and completed planning, the whole building was finished in 2016, and this plant achieved the highest cost performance in that area near the BMW plant in Shenyang. After that NEUGART business stably rising up step by step, their business already coverd primary big industial areas in big China region including Taiwan area. Myself still keep the close contacting with NEUGART and as long-term consultant to provide further advices as they need.


In the field of Railing Robot in China, ZONTOR is a name who can not be ignored. After more than 15 years development, ZONTOR already became a very sophisticated company with stronger competitive capability. ZONTOR could design, develop and produce diffrent kinds of railing robots which to be used in different industrials areas, such as medical production, automobile components, aerospace industry, rail traffic, etc. Most important is, ZONTOR keeps long-term cooperation with German BAHR company, follow the German standards and import the core components from Germany. 


Myself was invited as consultant to support ZONTOR to launch the new construction project for a complete new plant. In the near future, ZONTOR will highly enhance R&D capability and continuously push the deeper cooperation with BAHR company. This new building will be finished in the year of 2022.


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I will publish more articles about construction projects operation in China region, to improve the people's recognition in this field, to tell and uncover the regulations in China region. If you want to know more about construction field, please pay attention to my blog.

Meanwhile, I would like to provide some preliminary advices for your project planning, complete free of charge. Please remember, more earlier planning could avoid more unexpected issues and accident, this means to save your budget. You can email me or call me, my contact as below. Your enquiry is welcome.



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